Our Mission:

Since its beginning The Ojai Valley has been, as it is today, a sanctuary for those whom are Revolutionary By Nature, and have a mission to respectfully create an alternative standard for themselves and their ideals.

Ojai Valley Brewery wishes to reflect and contribute just that. 

We love Ojai, and Craft Beer, and because of that, we have a mission to give Craft Beer lovers something Different, and Uniquely Local… Beers crafted for our hot, dry climate, reflecting the essence of our immediate and extremely unique surroundings. Beers imparting subtle, nuanced flavors that caress our palettes, while tickling our noses with the scents of our mountains, and the perfume of our blooming orchards. 

This means, for instance, that rather then create a line-up of competing I.P.A.s, of which there are dozens of fantastic local examples, we are specializing in styles largely neglected by craft beer, with a special focus on Dry, Malt Forward Lagers, and Light Bodied Ales. 

These beers will utilize ingredients uniquely native to the U.S.A. including our truest native grain, corn. We are using local chaparral herbs in concert with and at times in place of hops, for flavoring and bittering. We are using special herbs, flowers, fruits, and spices sourced from our local Ojai farms to create subtle flavors that blend together to create a unity of flavor; a whole greater than the sum of it’s parts. 

We Aspire to pay honor to the Ojai community with new styles and flavors that can only be found here. 

We Pledge only to make easy drinking, easily enjoyable beers.

We Aim to create trends, while not letting our mission be stifled by the current. 

We Resolve to make Chaparral Beer a nationally recognized style, and a standard of The California Craft Beer movement; Local, Sustainable, and born exclusively of our native surroundings. 

We appreciate your support, and patience as we beat this path, because while it may not be easy or immediate, it will always be From And For The Ojai Valley.

- Jeremy Haffner


The Brewery

The brewery buildout took a year to complete, and wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our local Ojai construction community. In particular QTR Construction, DCW services refrigeration, REM Electric, and Greg Rents, as well as Quick Plumbing of Camarillo. 

We are extremely Nano. Our staff of two brewers brew once/twice a week on a 3.5 BBL system (108.5 Gal - 868 pints).

We have three 7 BBL fermenters, and one 7 BBL Conditioning tank to create 4 beers a month. 

The Brewery is located on Bryant Street, in Ojai, 3 blocks from our sister business and Tasting Room, Azu Restaurant and Bar, where all our beers can be enjoyed
starting Jan. 27th 2017.


The Flora

Some of the Unique Chaparral Herbs we're foraging for our seasonally changing Chaparral Beer Series.


Beers Currently In Production

Taster $3 - Pint $7 - 1 Liter Tankard $13 - 64oz Grolwer $23

Chaparral (salvia) - ON TAP
Type: Chaparral Ale
Moderately Carbonated, Dry Light Body, Bready, Earthy Toasted Malts, Bittered and Flavored with subtle notes of White and Black Sage.
ABV: 6%

Chaparral (Yerba Santa/Artemisia) - ON TAP
Type: Chaparral Ale
Moderately Carbonated, Dry Light Body, Bready, Earthy Toasted Malts, Bittered and Flavored with subtle notes of Yerba Santa and Artemisia Californica.
ABV: 5.9%

White Pixie - ON TAP
Type: Wheat Ale
Moderately Carbonated, Light bodied, Pale Malt, Raw Wheat, Oats, Pixie Tangerine Zest, Orchard Blossoms.
ABV: 6.8%

Sugar Bush - ON TAP
Type: Sumac IPA
Medium Carbonation, Dry, Pale and Carmel malts, US MOSAIC HOPS, complimented by the sweet lemony flavor of Rhus Ovata (Sugar Bush) Sumac.
ABV: 6.7%

Type: Dry California Lager
Moderately Carbonated, Pale and toasted malts and NON GMO Native Corn, with light U.S. noble hop bitterness.
ABV: 5.8%

Ranchero - ON TAP
Type: Vienna Lager via Mexico
Moderately Carbonated, toasted malts, with pronounced U.S. noble hop flavor and bitterness. Dry hopped with US Tettnang Hops. 
ABV: 5.%

Arbolada - ON TAP
Type: Black Lager
Moderately Carbonated, Light bodied with  dark roasted malt flavors, and a hint of spicy oaky vanilla.
ABV: 5.8%

East End - ON TAP
Type: Fuit Ale
Medium bodied, fermented with Local varieties of Opuntia (Prickly Pear) and Hibiscus .
ABV: 7%

*Dubbel Date - IN PRODUCTION (barrel aging, available November 2017)
Type: Dark Strong Ale
Medium Carbonation, Moderately sweet, Oats, Wheat, and Toasted Malts, fermented with California Medjool Dates.
ABV: 8.4%

Dos Cabrones - ON TAP (Friday Sept. 15th 2017)
(Taster $5 | Pint $9 | No Liter Pours | Beer Club Only Growler Fill - 32oz $18 - 64 oz $30)
Type: Barrel Aged Lager
High Gravity  Celebration Lager, Aged In French Oak previously containing local strawberry brandy and Local Chardonnay. Light Carbonation, Mildly sweet, Hints, of Toffee, Berry, and Chocolate.
ABV: 7%

Windbreak - OFF TAP - Back In Winter
Type: Dry California Lager
Moderately Carbonated, Pale and toasted malt, brewed with local pine needles and grapefruit zest.
ABV: 5.8%

Jasmine Ephemera - OFF TAP - Available only during Jasmine Blossom Season
Type: Hop Forward Pale Ale
Medium Carbonation, Dry, Pale and Carmel malts, Heavily Dry Hopped with U.S. Amarillo hops, for low overall bitterness with a juicy floral hop profile, and finished with Jasmine Blossoms from our graden.
ABV: 6%

Taster $3 | Pint $7 | 1 Liter $13 | Growler Fill $23


The Brewers

Jeremy Haffner: Lead Brewer

Jeremy is an 10 year resident of Ojai, who has been spending time in the valley since his late teens. He began his work life as a researcher for the History Channel, and then combined his love of Historical research with food, becoming a cook and chef in his mid twenties before getting a record deal and making his living as a touring musician through his early thirties. Having stepped away from music to be with his family, and help run the family restaurant, he decided to take his love of food, drink, and the natural offerings of the chaparral to create Ojai Valley Brewery.


Griffin Davis: Assistant Brewer

Griffin fell in love with the natural and spiritual beauty of The Ojai Valley while attending boarding school in the upper Ojai as a teenager. The son of a local architecture design family, Griffin moved to Los Angeles to pursue a degree in graphic design. During his studies he began a flirtation with home brewing which quickly became an obsession. Realizing that brewing was his true calling, he left the urban sprawl of Los Angeles and moved back to Ojai, to turn his creativity tobrewing delicious beer for our amazing community. After woking as an assistant Brewer at other notable local breweries O.V.B. was lucky to steal Griffin away, to begin our quest for truly local beer.