American Beer Drinkers deserve more than Cover Songs. Beer Style guidelines are a good place to start. We can do better. We can start by forgetting about Beer Style Guidelines. Link to the BJCP Judgement Guidelines: Insta: @ojai_valley_brewery Web:
My Opinions are fluid. I'm a Crafts person and a Student, and I am always learning. Thank you to the amazing Craft Brewers, and Craft Beer Community in the United States. Insta: @ojai_valley_brewery web:
Profile of Ojai Valley Head Brewer, Jeremy Haffner. From Food to Music to Beer. Insta: @ojai_valley_brewery
Using Local water profiles is the first step in making local beer about the place it comes from. We can all start by getting rid of wasteful reverse osmosis water filters from the equation. Instagram: Web: *Beer Water Profile examples:
Process for Ojai Valley Brewery, Arbolada Dry Black Lager with Mexican Vanilla Bean. Instagram: @ojai_valley_brewery web: